PFF Addresses De Pere School Board on Mask Mandates

October 19, 2021

PFF’s first official act! Several physician and non-doc PFF members joined others speaking at the De Pere School Board meeting to oppose masks mandates. The board then voted to end mandates, although the author of this article clearly wasn’t happy about that.

Here is a transcript of Dr. Koster’s speech:

Presented by Dr. Daniel Koster, President, Physicians for Freedom, 18 Oct. 2021

I am an independent physician representing PFF, a newly forming group of doctors and non-docs promoting compassionate scientific debate because free and respectful discussion of facts is the best path to truth. Like Dr. Yeatman and Dr. Dais, I have studied the scientific literature and concluded that mandated masks and quarantines in schools do more harm than good to our children. And like them, I have no bias and do not speak on behalf of any health system, government or corporation.

We are confident that we are following the science, but a couple weeks ago you had a physician speaker representing a health system with just the opposite views. How do you know what to believe? He told you natural immunity was weak enough that people commonly got Covid twice, even 3 times. Would it help you find the truth and set the best policies if I cited the Cleveland Clinic study and others to refute his claim? Or would that lead to an endless back-and-forth exchange getting us nowhere?

Fortunately there isn’t time for that now anyway. But how do we find the truth when the experts disagree?

First we use common sense. The doctor at the last meeting said masks cause no harm to children because kids don’t mind wearing them, even though parents like to say they do. Aside from dismissing parents’ concerns, this defies common sense. Would you conclude that high blood pressure causes no harm just because patients don’t feel it?

There’s another way to find who’s telling the truth. This gets at something happening in health care today that’s much bigger than any school board policy. For the first time in our lives, medical authorities in government, business and academic societies are trying to smother scientific debate and punish physicians who speak out against the party line. Several colleagues have told me personally they fear losing their jobs or academy memberships for how they practice or even what they say.

This coercion and bullying is new, it’s anti-science and anti-freedom. And it’s a sure sign that those doing it do NOT have the truth on their side. Put your trust in those who encourage free speech, especially for opposing views.

Finally, if you have no clear consensus on the science, then you have no right to limit freedom with mandates. Science has proven conclusively that limiting freedom causes deep and enduring harm. Thank you.