A Message from Physicians for Freedom to the American Medical Association

December 17, 2021

The AMA’s Guide To Language, Narrative and Concepts does more than depart from medicine’s fundamental grounding in science. Indeed, it is worse than merely opposing science. It attempts to conceal its destructive, biased, intolerant agenda under a cloak of clumsy pseudoscience. Here’s one example. In its glossary, it defines “Sex assigned at birth. A concept used to describe a person’s sex assigned at birth, typically based on a subjective evaluation of external anatomic structure(s) and its comparison to various sex categories. This may or may not align with how they identify themselves.” A medical organization promoting such subjective, discriminatory anti-science can only detract from physicians’ sacred duty to our patients.

Physicians for Freedom has a response to the AMA:

History holds that a house divided against itself cannot stand, and that a man can serve only one master. The House of Medicine rose to glory from the foundation stone of each individual physician serving his individual patient. This is the sacred patient-physician relationship. You who preach that physicians now should serve their individual, nebulous notions of “social justice” and “racial” and “health equity” are cracking the foundation of Medicine. That cannot work, but no one can know what it may cost in lives and suffering before its inevitable failure. Let the sick man and the mother of a suffering child decide if they want to place their trust in someone who treats them based upon the color of their skin, where they live, or how they worship. Our task is to reveal to all eyes this terrible choice you have placed before us all.

AMA “equity” guide (link)