Credibility Crisis

March 14, 2022

Wonder why America distrusts our healthcare authorities? Watch for yourself as the CDC Director, who relentlessly campaigned and coerced people to get the “safe and effective” vaccines, says she never considered the possibility that vaccine effects would wane. Seriously? Are we to believe that this person with a BA in biochemistry and molecular biology, MD from Johns Hopkins, Masters from Harvard, who published research on vaccine strategies and was professor and chief of infectious disease at Harvard Medical School — are we to believe she never considered this basic scientific fact about vaccines? That’s like a top automotive expert in engine design not knowing you have to change your oil every so often.

Could she be lying? Does she think we are dumb enough to believe her? From her words, she is either stupidly negligent or lying. Was “no comment” not an option? Maybe she knows the truth is emerging despite all efforts to censor it. Maybe she believes telling the truth would hurt more than this interview.

We have a credibility crisis in our health authorities. It threatens our health and our freedom. The way to restore trust is the same way to find truth: Fact-based, rational and respectful discussion. The truth shall set you free–and keep you healthy.