Perverted Gender “Science” Threatens Our Young People

August 22, 2022

This article provides an excellent example of a radical political agenda perverting science and destroying lives. Educators across America are teaching K-thru-6 graders that “any gender can have any body,” that “gender is something adults came up with to sort people into groups,” and that they should consider drugs and surgery to “pause puberty”. This fits with the AMA’s Guide To Language, Narrative and Concepts (see our earlier post) that tells physicians that deciding whether a newborn is male or female is “based on a subjective evaluation of external anatomic structures.” What’s wrong with this? Why do we oppose it?

Just as people normally have two hands, one right and one left, so there are two normal genders, male and female. Calling something “subjective” that someone “came up with” does not alter these objective facts. Just as permanently altering a healthy body with hormones is not a “pause”. Just as surgery does not alter the gender traits in the bones, brain or genes.

PFF’s mission is factual, rational, respectful debate of issues. That is how we must resolve these issues, including clearly defined terms. We must encourage physicians, patients, citizens and media to have these debates as friends seeking the truth together. We must oppose censorship, coercion and all threats to healthy public discourse. Without skepticism and vigorous debate, science dies — and with it, so do many of us.