Vote Many! Vote More!

November 5, 2022

We all know it’s important to vote. But is your one vote enough? Voting is easy. Getting others to vote is hard. So why should you make the effort? Why should you work and take the risks of turning your one vote into many?

We at Physicians for Freedom believe compelling facts answer that question, now more than ever.

1. They are taking control of our bodies.

Proof: Censorship and lies leading to vaccine mandates.

2. They are taking control of our minds.

Proof: Lies to exploit fear of Covid. Lies about multiple genders that change every day.

3. They are taking control of our children.

Proof: Mandating harmful vaccines for them. Grooming them for hormonal and surgical mutilation.

America became great because generations of good, courageous, loving people sacrificed for their children. Now it is our turn. Please, bring as many freedom lovers to vote as you can. And spread the word to others. We won’t get this chance again.