Did Google’s A.I. Lie About Anti-vax Scientists? Or Just Get It Wrong?

October 31, 2023

Frontline News reports several glaring errors in a conversation between Steve Kirsch (entrepreneur and anti-vax activist) and Google’s AI chatbot, Bard. This is an amusing story for anyone familiar with the scientists, Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Jessica Rose. If the story is legit, it’s a disturbing example of one of the main problems with AI, that it can be used to promote propaganda and lies disguised as impartial fact-finding. For example, Dr. Rose has a BS in applied mathematics, a Master’s in Immunology, and a PhD in Computational Biology with two post-doctoral degrees, one in molecular biology and one in biochemistry. Yet Bard apparently describes Dr. Rose as “a former model and actress” and not a scientist or medical expert.