PFF Statements To WI Assembly Gender Hearings

October 5, 2023

The Wisconsin Assembly held two hearings on gender issues October 4 in Madison. Two bills propose biological sex as the determinant for sports participation in schools. The other proposes prohibiting gender-altering hormone and surgical therapy on minors. PFF submitted several statements, one of which is below.


To many people, it is absurd or unbelievable even to debate questions like whether males can truly become females, or compete in sports with the opposite sex after transitioning. The universal truth of sex differences set at conception and guiding development of every cell, organ and human (not to mention all animals and plants!) seems too obvious even to question. We see with our own eyes the frustration and unfairness of elite women swimmers losing to Lia (nee Will) Thomas. We see the barbarity and pain of biological males sending female opponents to the hospital in contact sports, or even volleyball. Yet we see so called experts, and media, and some fellow citizens nodding along approvingly, apparently unaware of the madness of it. Out of compassion and a decent desire to be good and fair, we question ourselves. We ask, “What have I missed? What do I have wrong?” And we keep silent.

To figure it out, we turn to experts. PFF and others with expertise are eager to provide all the information we can. Not here, as time does not allow, but here we do assert:

  • that advocates of “gender affirming care” — including authorities like the AMA, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Psychological Association — are wrong;
  • that “gender is assigned at birth” is wrong;
  • that adults help kids by encouraging them to question their sex is wrong;
  • that parents endanger their kids by questioning transition is wrong;
  • that males who transitioned can safely and fairly compete with female athletes is wrong;
  • that children in pain and confusion are capable of making the best lifelong decisions — decisions which forever mutilate and sterilize them — is wrong.

We seek factual, rational and respectful debate (PFF’s mission) on these critical issues. Take us up on that offer! Until then, trust yourself. Trust your own eyes, your own experience. Trust your gut. Trust your kind and loving heart. And do not be silent! Speak out with other loving, compassionate parents and friends. Share opinions, ask questions in good faith. Do not allow political agendas, greed and lies to harm our children. They are depending on us to speak out for the truth.