PFF Restoring Trust Forum a Great Success!

November 16, 2023

Message from PFF President

Greetings to all our patriot friends!

PFF enjoyed a fantastic event last night at the Automobile Gallery, and not just due to the great vehicles and food catered by Chefusion. A hundred and fifty people gathered for a very lively, emotional and powerful conversation about frustration, deceit, pain and loss, and how we ultimately can turn this around for virtue, health and trust. As dark as it may seem, there truly are rays of hope for making our medical care and lives better for those we love. Thank you to all who joined us and supported us last night and always!

Now continue the fight for truth by engaging in factual, rational and compassionate discussions with those you meet in health care–and everywhere! Show your PFF buttons! Direct friends to our website and social media sites! Check out the video of our Restoring Trust Forum coming soon to our website.

Remember, even in a corrupt system, there are good people eager to help you, even if they aren’t strong enough, informed enough, or secure enough to lead the way themselves. If we compassionately explain what we stand for and why it is right, we will provide them a service and blessing more than the other way around. We have to get there together, but we must lead.

Best wishes,
Dr. Dan, PFF Pres.