Letter To Green Bay Hospitals and Business Leaders, 30 November 2021

Many of you may feel like you’re facing a dilemma with Covid vaccine mandates: You could follow the mandates in the hope of fighting Covid, but that denies people their right of medical choice and risks losing employees.

We, the undersigned healthcare workers and business leaders, appreciate you making the tough decisions for your employees and our community. We want to help by giving you reliable, up to date information on this complex, dynamic issue. Here are some questions we think you’ll want to answer.

1. Are vaccines as good as advertised? 1-3

Vaccines never have stopped the spread of Covid, but they have reduced serious infection and death. But viruses mutate and inevitably become resistant to vaccines. We see this with rising breakthrough infections and deaths from the delta variant among the vaccinated. Meanwhile, reports of serious vaccine reactions, including death, continue to rise. How far has the risk-benefit ratio shifted against vaccines? Does it make sense to mandate a questionable vaccine?

2. Is Covid fading?

Infection rates locally and around the world are dropping. (See graph 4.) Reports now describe the approach of herd immunity. Vaccines are to prevent future infection. As the pandemic winds down, at what point do vaccines cause more harm than good?

3. What can we learn from the growing opposition to mandates? 5-7

Trust in health authorities has crumbled under the constant strain of conflicting advice and obvious falsehoods, like denying natural immunity or claiming vaccines are totally safe. Several states attorneys general are fighting the mandate, and three federal courts have suspended it. Many corporations (several in our area) have said they will not enforce it. Local police and fire departments, doctors and other medical workers have chosen to refuse the vaccine and suffer the professional and financial consequences. Could it be that, despite government coercion and censorship, popular opinion is actually catching up to the science?

A physician proposing an operation must tell the patient the risks and potential benefits beforehand. Only then does the patient decide whether or not to proceed. So in medicine, at least, it is the patient’s consent that is mandatory, not the treatment.

We call upon you to suspend the vaccine mandate to allow time to gain a fuller understanding of this complex and ever-changing issue. Physicians for Freedom would like the opportunity to help you in any way we can. Soon this pandemic will be gone, but ruined careers, lost incomes, and bitter legal battles will live on.

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Medical Workers

Melissa Allen, RN, Pre-Mandate Prevea Vascular Surgery Nursing Supervisor

Mark D. Brodhagen, DDS

Thomas L. Cain, MD

Joseph Chabot, DO

James Clemens, MD

Edward J. Coleman, MD

Charles Dais, Jr, MD, Physicians for Freedom

Carrie Dunlop, RN, BSN

Franz Iggler, MD, PhD

Daniel G. Koster, MD, EoMed, Physicians for Freedom

Joseph Leschke, MD, Physicians for Freedom

Serenity Mason, RN, BSN

Dana M. Pecho, RN, EoMed, Physicians for Freedom

Hans Rechsteiner, MD, Surgery Clinic of Spooner

Tracy N. Rentmeester, Med Asst., EoMed, Physicians for Freedom

Stacy Rutsch, RN, Acadia Healthcare, Physicians for Freedom

Amanda Schmidt, RN-ICU, Green Bay

Raymond Schneider, DDS

Andrew Scott, DDS, Echo Ridge Dental Clinic

Jenna Spude, DNP, APNP, Prevea Health, Physicians for Freedom

Aloys L. Tauscheck, MD, JD, Independent Physician / Attorney

Richard R. Tonelli, DDS

Scott Weslow, MD, Physicians for Freedom

Kevin Wilke, DDS, Wilke Orthodontics, Physicians for Freedom

Doug Yeatman, MD, Physicians for Freedom


Business Leaders

Thomas Badciong, Retired COO, Board Member, Schreiber Foods, Physicians for Freedom

James M. Christensen, Retired CEO, Wisconsin Plastics, Inc.

Greg DeCaster, Badger Sheet Metal

Richard D. Egan, Retired Chairman, Little Rapids Corp.

Jim Greene, Owner, WG&R Furniture, Physicians for Freedom

Jim Growt, Retired Industrialist

Carl Kuehne, Chairman Veridocs, Retired CEO American Foods Group, Physicians for Freedom

John Landwehr, Business Owner

Louis LeCalsey III, President, S&L Development Corp.

John Lochner, Legacy Group of America Foundation, Physicians for Freedom

Peter Mancuso, Chairman, Lindquist Machine Corporation

Nick Murray, COO Red Line Plastics

David Nennig, Owner, Creative Hardscapes

James Ostrom, President, CEO, Milk Source

Daniel J. Pamperin, Business Member

Doug Reich, President, Anthony Capital Management, Physicians for Freedom

Peter G. Reines, Retired Business Owner

Marc W. Savard, Owner, Wildwood Farm, Physicians for Freedom

Scott Schumacher, GM, Square One Restorations, Physicians for Freedom

Thomas Schumacher, Former Owner, Services Plus

James R. Slade, Owner, Relevant Wash Equipment

Bruce Tielens, CEO, WEL Companies

Jay K. Tomcheck, Director, Red Line Plastics

Robert Toonen, Business Member

John Walczyk, Business Member, Physicians for Freedom

Robert Walczyk, Jr., Proko-Wall Funeral Home

Anne Wettstein, Owner, Human Resources Consulting

Ryan Wettstein, Owner, RAHM Pool & Spa Services

Colleen I. Weyers, Long-time insured, Humana Insurance