PFF Launches Health Liberty Network

Are you a patient seeking a physician who will respect your freedom rather than shaming you for asking informed questions about Covid? Are you a speech therapist or nurse looking for an employer that won’t mandate useless and risky vaccines? Are you a medical provider looking to hire a colleague who trusts and appreciates good science? Whoever you are, you are not alone!

Many people have contacted PFF looking to become patients of liberty-loving physicians, therapists, and other healthcare providers. Medical professionals of all sorts–doctors, nurses, therapists–have contacted us looking for employers who will respect their freedom. Clearly there is a need to connect and bring good, talented patriots together. That is why Physicians for Freedom is launching our Health Liberty Network (HLN).

Let us know who you are seeking. If we have people who may fit your needs, we will email your contact information directly to them. We will not divulge your name or contact information to anyone else. Once we make this discreet connection via email, PFF is no longer a part of your communication. Your involvement in HLN remains totally anonymous.

Health Liberty Network
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