“Does PFF collaborate in any way with mid level providers such as Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners?”

I think the best way to answer that is to begin with who we are. PFF is a physician directed, physician run organization with both doctor and non-doctor members. All members can attend member meetings and vote, but the physician members ratify everything. This gives PFF the public influence of a physician group while keeping us in touch with, and accountable to, all freedom-loving people.

So yes, PFF can collaborate with mid level providers both individually and by joining forces with groups to support common causes. We are proud to have mid levels, nurses and non-medical folks among our members.

“We’ve received questions about pharmaceutical companies and health authorities pushing new anti-Covid pills and vaccines even as the pandemic dies out, and people are wondering who they can trust.”

For any specific treatment, consider the evidence along with your physician, and it should be a physician who encourages skepticism and healthy debate.

For issues in general, we must recognize that we are in a strange time. Many have lost trust in our healthcare authorities. This includes pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and people (eg. CDC, Dr. Fauci), and even local health system and physician leaders. Some authorities have failed to communicate effectively, but others have withheld information or even deliberately misled us. So it is perfectly understandable — even proper! — that they lose our trust. And there is only one way to restore that trust: Factual, rational, complete, and respectful discussion. Leaders must do more than speak the truth: They must encourage skepticism! They must want us to question them so they can earn back our trust. You cannot restore trust with censorship, deplatforming and coercion.

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